Dan Wright | Marketing Associate


Dan is Abode’s resident marketeer, combining a range of digital content, multimedia and social media marketing techniques to showcase Abode exactly as we are: the world’s greatest letting agent for landlords and property investors in Manchester!

He has over five years in marketing ranging across a number of sectors. From small digital start ups, online news platforms and even with one of the world’s largest and leading leisure attraction operators, with millions of guests each year!

His creative flare, passion and attention to detail lends itself to our various marketing strategies and opportunities. Whilst traditional letting agents stick purely with property portals to advertise a landlord’s property, Dan is actively seeking and researching new, exciting and innovative methods to find the best tenants for our landlords.

Dan works alongside Jay and Tracy on their respective Property Expert blogs, managing content and designing the graphics and multimedia to bring the text to life.

Outside of his Abode life, Dan loves to travel and explore; capturing life down the viewfinder of his camera! If he’s not got his camera propped up on a tripod somewhere, chances are he’ll be throwing high speed super cars around a race track or on a roller coaster!

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