Could Manchester council aid landlords with a Covid-helpline?

A local authority is thought to be the first in the country to be offering a Coronavirus lifeline to hard-pressed landlords; but would the same form of support from Manchester council aid Manchester landlords?

Leicester council has launched a new advice service for landlords having problems with their tenants during the uncertain times originating from the ongoing pandemic. The aim is to help prevent tenants from being evicted and landlords from having to take costly and time-consuming court action, by resolving any problems before they get to that stage.

The council’s new service is designed to support landlords where their tenants are not fulfilling their legal obligations, or where financial difficulties have developed.

It will focus on preventing homelessness by helping tenants who are renting privately to sustain their tenancies, making sure that landlords can rest assured on matters of income.

Assistant city mayor for housing, Elly Cutkelvin, says: “The council may be the biggest landlord in the city, but many of our most vulnerable residents rent from private landlords. We recognise that this sector has a very big part to play in meeting the needs of some of those who are most in need of a housing solution.

“We rely on the support of responsible private landlords to help us provide homes, so it’s vital that we grow and maintain good relationships with landlords, as part of an overall housing strategy that also includes building more council homes.

“We also want to protect tenants and prevent them from potential homelessness. We can do this by offering landlords advice and assistance if they are having problems, finding solutions other than court action. Landlords will be able to use our service at any time, so that we can tackle problems before things get to eviction stage.”

Examples of the sort of help the service can provide include mediation and negotiation between tenants and landlords, facilitating payments to sustain tenancies in certain cases, or arranging for discretionary payments to solve affordability problems.

To use the service, landlords are advised to email the council and include as much information as possible about the situation, plus details of a preferred method of contact. One of the council’s team of advisors will then make contact within five working days, or sooner wherever possible.

The council’s housing solutions service is also asking more socially-minded landlords in Leicester to consider providing affordable private rented tenancies to people at risk of becoming homeless.

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