L&G unveils £5billion property investment plan to Government

Legal & General has unveiled plans to invest £5 billion over the next decade in building five new towns across the country, according to reports.

In a report in The Sunday Times it detailed that the company was in talks with the government about putting money behind the building of garden cities in the countryside.

The paper said L&G had begun exploring the idea with the Cabinet Office and the Treasury.

L&G chief executive Nigel Wilson told the ST that Britain needed,

 innovative housing solutions’ to solve the shortage of homes

He also said, that the government should stop its Help to Buy scheme in London as it was upping demand and leading to absurd house prices

Do you think building garden cities in the countryside is the way forward to solve our housing problems!?

I am not so sure, would you not htink some investment into the city centres and bringing the empty properties back to use may be a better solution? Yesm the building of garden cities would create huge numbers of employment and I am sure be very good for the economy but then I can’t help thinking that our inner cities will decline further.

We spend alot of time driving around the townships of Greater Manchester and pubs, shops and properties are all lieing empty.

I really hope the Goverment don’t agree to this, what is a GARDEN CITY anyway!?

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