Landlords must ensure HMO compliance after passing of deadline

Landlords who have not applied for a HMO license, following the deadline on 1st October, must act now to ensure compliance.

The biggest change impacting landlords has seen the abolishing of the requirement for HMO to consist of three storeys or more in order to need a license. Providing the property is now occupied by five or more people from two or more individual households, landlords must obtain a license.

Over 150,000 additional properties across the UK now fall into the bracket of requiring the new licensing.

Whilst it is heavily important for landlords to obtain a license, there is a saving grace through transitional periods for those who are still yet to do so.

Properties that are currently licenced will remain licenced until their licence expires. The existing licence conditions will still apply until expiry. The extended mandatory licencing conditions will apply from renewal from any existing licence.

If a property has been subject to a selective licencing scheme, then that property will continue to be licenced until that licence expires. Again, the extended mandatory licencing conditions will apply from renewal of the existing licence.

If, at the time of renewal, the licence on the property is not compliant, a grace period of up to 18 months can be granted, within in which time, the licence holder must ensure the property becomes compliant. It should be noted that a local authority may grant a shorter period in which they require a property to become compliant.

Failure to comply with new licensing requirements will be a criminal offence and, on conviction, will be liable to unlimited fine or, alternatively, a civil penalty of up to £30,000.

As Tameside’s leading HMO provider, Abode ensure all our landlords are compliant with the new regulations and can advise on whether or not your property requires the new licensing.


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