Profit Maximising Kit

Four great tools for landlords to manage their portfolios better and achieve greater profits

As we are landlords ourselves we have three main focuses, increase our rental profits, reduce the amount of stress caused by renting properties and have more time for things we want to do! If this sounds like your goals too then sign up to receive our four great tools to help you achieve the same
  • Maximising Your Rental Profits – by following these simple steps you can increase profits by as much as 50%+
  • Maintenance Calendar – follow our calendar guide on what to check when so your property is always in tip top shape
  • Top Tax Tips – a saving is as good as a making, make sure your claiming all expenses you can with our top tax tips
  • Property Finance Health Checker – with this spreadsheet you’ll be able to work out exactly what gross and net yield a property is making, keep track of voids, costs and profits, vital to keep on top of your portfolio and make informed decisions

I had heard about using LHA strategies to increase rent but didn’t know much about it, Abode’s guide was really clear. I have done some small modifications to my property to follow this strategy and am using Abode to market it and let it as I’m too busy in my other business to do it myself. My rent increased by 76%!

I’m really glad I signed up to the profit maximiser kit. I didn’t know I could claim an allowance for my home office and the maintenance calendar has helped me get on top of what I should be doing when.

Excellent giveaway, the property health checker spreadsheet has really helped me get a grip of the finances of my portfolio, thank you!

I have two properties and the health checker is a great tool for me to synch my info into one spreadsheet. The maintenance calendar is on the wall in my office already! Cheers Abode!

Maximising Your Rental Profits

Do you want to maximise your rental profits? By following these simple steps you can increase profits by as much as 50% per property.

Maintenance Calendar

Do you want to keep the costs down on your property maintenance? Then follow our calendar guide on what to check when so your property is always in tip top shape. We suggest putting this up on your office wall as your annual maintenance checklist.

Top Tax Tips

Do you know what costs can be claimed against income tax on your property rental profits? With our free Top Tax Tips written especially for us by our very own Tax Expert you can read in simple terms what you should be claiming for.

Property Finance Health Checker

Do you want to know how much your property is really making you OR really costing you? We have created this property finance health checker that will clearly show you the key figures of your property business.  Just input your figures and the health checker will do the rest!

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  1. Maximising Your Rental Profits
  2. Maintenance Calendar
  3. Top Tax Tips
  4. Property Finance Health Checker

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