Where can I meet other like-minded property people?

If you are working alone full time on your portfolio or if you are building your empire whilst working you may feel that you would benefit from meeting other local property professionals. People that you can share your experiences with and learn from. The amazing things about our industry is the openness and the willingness of experts to share their knowledge. I think it is because there is enough property to go round and different people have different strategies so you are rarely fighting over the same deal. It helps to share best practice with other like minded people as well as helping you keep focused on your goals.

So where do you find these people? Networking events! There are lots of networking events across the country. The format is often similar and you will have time to meet other professional landlords as well as hear from a speaker who will share their expertise.

If you are based in and around Greater Manchester then you may like to attend the networking event that I host on the first Tuesday of every month. For more details have a look at the website www.manchesterpropertymeet.com.