What happens to the utility bills in between and during tenancies?

As an agent we inform all utility companies of start and end meter readings, the difference is then the landlord’s responsibility to cover. Although usage should be minimal when a property is empty.

Council tax is something to be aware of and you should check with your local council, as there have been changes to the rules lately. Some councils are charging 150% of the council tax for longer term empty properties. You may also be liable for a council tax payment even if your property is empty and unfurnished in between tenancies.

This is something to bear in mind when re letting your property. If an offer is made on your property and you feel it is a little less than you were hoping, consider the cost implications of having the property empty for another month.

During the tenancy the tenant is responsible for payment of all utilities, if there are issues at the end of the tenancy with non payment of bills then by providing the supplier with a copy of the tenancy details and the final meter readings will confirm you as the landlord are not responsible.