Condensation and why you should be aware of it.

Very often when your tenant advises you that they have damp, what they really have is condensation that has been caused by a lack of ventilation. This shows up in the form of black mould. This mould can be easily wiped off and cleaned away then in order to prevent it returning there are some easy preventative measures.

Make sure there are vents on the windows and that these are open. Do you have a fan fitted in the kitchen and the bathroom that comes on automatically as soon as the light is switched on?

Always advise tenants that drying their clothes on the radiators is not acceptable, nor is using a dryer without venting the air from it through a window.

Does your property have air bricks fitted and are they open, sometimes you find that they have been filled in for some reason I cannot think of! Do not be drawn into DPC’s and major works when all your property has is a lack of ventilation through it that can be easily resolved.

We provide all our tenants with a Condensation Report at the move in stage and advise them that they have a responsibility to keep the property ventilated.