What are the most common issues with Manchester landlords for tenants? How can they be resolved?

When it comes to minimising your void periods as a Manchester landlord or Manchester property investor, sustaining a long-term, happy and healthy relationship with your tenant is critical, Of course it works both ways; tenants need to ensure rent payments are made on time and take good care of the property. But landlords also have their own duties to fulfil in order to resolve any of the common issues. So what exactly are they? How can they be resolved?

With our experience of undergoing rigorous checks to ensure the best tenants are selected for properties, we also only select the best landlords to work with. Whilst we recognise the Government’s stance that landlords are villainous is atrociously incorrect on the whole, there are the minority who continue give our industry a bad name. This is normally through a range of issues that can actually be resolved without copious levels of stress, time or resources.

YouGov have recently conducted their seventh annual HomeOwners Alliance Homeowner survey, which gives an insight into frustrations shared by tenants and some of the issues landlords can look to rectify.

Nearly eight in every ten renters have experienced a problem renting. The most outstanding issue tenants have with renting is when landlords are unable or fail to carry out maintenance or repairs to a property. It is simply unfair to expect a tenant to live in an investment property and contribute to your cash flow if their living conditions are plagued by maintenance or structural issues at no cause of their own; so ensuring you are on top of maintenance is crucial.

One of the very first methods to overcoming this begins when you’re taking on your property or carrying out a refurbishment for the first time. Ensuring you have your own or at least access to a tried and trusted team of contractors is essential. Years of developing rapports with some of the best in the North West, Abode have an excellent team of contractors that allow landlord’s to have a high quality inspection and thorough work carried out; avoiding the cowboys to provide your investment with the care it deserves. This will save you maintenance costs down the line whilst mitigating any maintenance concerns your tenants may potentially have.

With winter approaching, we begin to encourage our landlords to ensure their homes are fully winter proofed, including checks to ensure the property is well protected against cold and damp. Identifying the signs of damp on walls and ceilings include checking your walls to see if they feel cold and look wet whilst ceilings for any look of staining and discolouring. Furthermore, ensuring the property is properly insulated is another vital step to rectifying this issue.

One problem that is never always in your control however is anti-social neighbours. Abode always strive to ensure the best tenants who are not only the best fit for your property, but are clam and collective whilst demonstrating the ability to make rapports with everyone; not just our viewing representatives! Our team will always strive to ensure relationships are kept amicable, including between neighbours. Our in-depth investment knowledge on certain areas can aid in knowing where to avoid due to particular anti-social elements such as rowdy residents or high crime rates, reducing the chances of your prospective tenants being off-put by anti-social neighbours.

Another consideration is the up front costs. This fear should be somewhat mitigated by now given the Tenant Fee Ban introduced earlier this year; however by being open and transparent with any costings upfront (as we are with all viewers and prospective tenants), costings should never be a worry.

Other issues renters have had is directly with landlords themselves. As we’ve mentioned many times on our blog, unlawful and corrupt landlords and letting agents are the bane of this industry, tarnishing those of us with the best intentions. We’re landlords ourselves; paired with our absolute commitment to compliance within letting regulations, we ensure our landlords are equally positioned to be compliant and professional; sustaining an excellent image and rendering any misconceptions of your professionalism void.

There are a whole host of other problems renters typically have that can be solved by consulting the services of a professional property management agency. Communication difficulties that many tenants face are rectified with open and accessible persons to be in touch with. Our team work tirelessly to ensure the rental process is transparent and simple, regardless of previous tenancy experience. This also applies to deposit systems, where we will fight rigorously for the correct side in any circumstance and make each party aware of the situation.

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By voiding any concerns prospective tenant’s have, be it in your property or through you as a landlord, you are able to master minimising voids, whilst building and sustaining a happy and healthy tenancy.

For more information on our problem solving property management, give us a call on 0161 883 2525.


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